Where to find Footsteps

So you’ve found the brand, but you’re not sure where to find the products?  Well have a read down our list to see which products are stocked in which retailers.  Just to note, that not all products are always available in every retailers outlets. If you think they should stock them do let them know.

Co-Operative Food

  • Diced Chorizo
  • Adriatic AnchoviesRed chilli image
  • Chilli & Lemon King Prawn Skewers


    • German Salami
    • Pepperoni
    • Salami Milano
    • German Peppered Salami
    • German Salami Selection
    • Parma Ham
    • Brunswick Ham
    • Wafer Thin German Smoked Ham


  • Sliced Chorizo
  • Diced Pancetta
  • Chorizo Ring
  • Italian Antipasti Platter
  • Spanish Selection Platter


  • Chorizo Meatballs
  • Sweet Cherry Peppers stuffed with Ricotta


  • Antipasti Platter

See our Recipes for some inspiration on how to liven up the ordinary, with our products