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We've got a whole range of fantastic flavours for you to try. From sliced continental meats such as salami and chorizo, to ingredients, cooking sausages and frankfurters. Experience our ready-to-eat seafood or try the growing range of delicious chilled antipasti and olives


Sliced and diced meats, sausages and selection platters

Olives & Antipasti

Chilled olives and vegetables perfect for snacking and sharing


Hot and cold eat prawns and anchovies


Other delicious things we've found whilst out and about on the trail


Hot and cold eat prawns and anchovies


Anchovies in a citrus and garlic dressing

Chilli & Lemon Prawns

Juicy and succulent prawns ready to eat

Prawn & Chorizo Pinchos

Peeled King Prawns & Chorizo Skewers With A Chilli & Lemon Dressing

Prawn stir-fry

Add pre-marinaded chilli & lemon skewered prawns, bursting with flavour to a classic vegetable stir-fry wi...

Salad with Diced Chorizo

Want a salad with added flavour? Sprinkle on some crispy diced chorizo to top things off

Parma-wrapped Chicken

Easy is a winner, which is why chicken breast simply wrapped in parma ham locks in flavour perfectly

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